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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

At Funbox we respect your privacy and are committed to your protection.

Following privacy statement explains data collection and the practices implemented to keep your information safe.

Collecting Your Personal Information

Funbox photo booth has an option for you, as a consumer, to use the optional online sharing features (social media networks and/or sending emails). If you elect to use online sharing, your personal information is collected at the booth login prompt. Your login information is not stored on our booth in any way as it is only collected by the secure login areas of the online service itself.

Use of Your Personal Information

The personal information used within the photo booth is used only to connect to online service(s) and to carry out the transaction(s) you have requested or authorized. Funbox does not upload, store or use your login information for any other purpose. If you choose to provide Funbox with an e-mail address, it may be used to contact you about updates, deals and follow-up emails about your experience with Funbox.

We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal information to third parties.

Control and Security of Your Personal Information

Funbox uses third parties to carry out the transaction(s) you have requested or authorized, which may require disclosure of your personal information to them. If you choose to enter any personal information on our booth with any outside services in order to share photos, it is the secure login system of that particular service that we rely on. However, you should know that no company, including Funbox, can fully eliminate security risks associated with personal information.

Software Error & Usage Tracking

Funbox uses software which tracks program errors and user activities. This information is used to locate errors and to improve our service even better. Funbox is in no way tracking personal information or locations.

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to contact Funbox with any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy. Contact information provided on our website.

We are dedicated to customer service and the safety of your information.